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Marca do Programa USP 60+ Marca da Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária

How to join?

As a student

USP 60+  is another program offered by USP that demonstrates and recognizes the essential role of the elderly in our society. It is aimed at people over 60 years old and offers vacancies in regular courses, cultural activities and sports. Our main goal is to offer opportunities for continuous and cumulative learning, thus enhancing the individual growth, relationships, and social participation of the elderly.

1 – Choose the subjects you wish to attend and also the complementary activities (lectures, courses, excursions, cultural weeks, hikes, etc) in the Program’s advertising channels, such as the website and catalog.
2 – Once you have chosen, you must pay attention to the information about date, time and place of registration of the units that offer the activity, according to the following instructions: On the Program’s website, on each course’s page, there is a section called “Information and Enrollment”, where you can find the contact of the unit responsible for the course in case of doubts, the unit’s address and the enrollment period.

Note: Each unit is free to determine the format in which enrollments will be made. The modalities are: in person at the units, online through the unit’s website, by email or phone. The enrollment method is described in the details of the discipline or activity in question on our website.

Enrollment is open every semester. Follow the site or call the Program Coordination Office for information about enrollment dates.

As a professor

There are several areas of knowledge that awaken the interest of the elderly. The possibility of access to the university environment attracts many students every semester to the USP 60+ Program.  The University’s professors are vital to maintain a consistency in the offer of vacancies.

To participate in the Program, the professor must contact the Culture and Extension Commission at his or her unit to be informed about the date for registering the discipline or activity in the Program.

Information can also be obtained from the Coordination of the USP 60+  through the email 3idade@usp.br or by calling (11) 3091-9183.