Human-Animal bond to be explored on Film festival at the capital

“Nossos melhores amigos” (Our best friends) brings films from various countries, including premieres in Brazil, and explores the relationship between humans and domestic, wild and farm animals

The complex relationship between man and his pet will enter the screens of the Cinema da USP (Cinusp) from April 22 to May 12 during the Film Festival “Nossos melhores amigos” (Our best friends). The selected films represent this bond sometimes delicately and subtly, at other times, provocatively and violently. The sessions are free and are held from Monday to Friday, at 4:00 p.m. and at 7:00 p.m., at the Cidade Universitária and on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00 p.m. and at 8:00 p.m., at USP’s  Centro Universitário Maria Antônia (Ceuma).

The diversity of genres and countries that make the USP movie theater famous could not be left out. Documentaries, short films, animations, dramas from countries such as Iran, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Soviet Union, USA, among many other countries are on the schedule.

One of the highlights, The Cat Who Walked by Herself, a masterpiece by Russian director Ideya Garanina, will be exhibited for the first time in Brazil. The film, almost a synthesis of the Festival’s intentions, takes us on a journey through the origins of the human being and the human-animal relationship.

Cinusp also features nearly unknown films from great directors such as Errol Morris (Gates of heaven), Akira Kurosawa (Song of the Horse) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Bright Future), in an atypical feature film in his career, with a jellyfish as an intermittent, crucial and symbolic element.

The audience will also be able to watch old acquaintances, such as the American classic Birdman of Alcatraz, the horror cult Ben, and the adorable Babe. Other highlights are the Mongolian The Story of the Weeping Camel, the Iranian The Cow (1969) and the Hungarian White God.

In many ways, the films selected by the curators point to the connection established with the animals and explore the way cinema represents these friendship ties, from different backgrounds and styles that enhance the depth, beauty, and complexity of these relationships. An invitation to reflect on what unites humans to these beings of such a distinct nature.

Check out the teaser of the Festival and the complete schedule. Visit for more information.

cidade universitária

22/04 | segunda
16h00  kes
19h00  o homem de Alcatraz
02/05 | quinta
16h00  o homem de alcatraz
19h00  futuro brilhante
23/04 | terça
16h00  o corcel negro
19h00  a gata que andava sozinha
03/05 | sexta
16h00  a gata que andava sozinha
19h00  kes
24/04 | quarta
16h00  futuro brilhante
19h00  deus branco + couro de gato
06/05 | segunda
16h00  ben, o rato assassino
19h00  coração de cachorro
25/04 | quinta
16h00  coração de cachorro
19h00  babe, o porquinho atrapalhado + DEBATE
07/05 | terça
16h00  babe, o porquinho atrapalhado
19h00  portões do paraíso
26/04 | sexta
16h00  portões do paraíso
19h00  ben, o rato assassino
08/05 | quarta
16h00  a vaca (1969) + a vaca (1989)
19h00  a canção do cavalo
29/04 | segunda
16h00  gatos
19h00  a vaca (1969) + a vaca (1989)
09/05 | quinta
16h00  deus branco + couro de gato
19h00  gatos
30/04 | terça
16h00  a canção do cavalo
19h00  camelos também choram
10/05 | sexta
16h00  camelos também choram
19h00  o corcel negro
01/05 | quarta

maria antônia

27/04 | sábado
18h00  o corcel negro
20h00  kes
05/05 | domingo
18h00  portões do paraíso
20h00  camelos também choram
28/04 | domingo
18h00  babe, o porquinho atrapalhado
20h00  futuro brilhante
11/05 | sábado
18h00  a vaca (1969) + a vaca (1989)
20h00  a gata que andava sozinha
04/05 | sábado
18h00  gatos
20h00  coração de cachorro
12/05 | domingo
18h00  ben, o rato assassino
20h00  deus branco + couro de gato

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