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Revista de Cultura e Extensão USP

Revista de Cultura e Extensão USP

The Revista Cultura e Extensão USP  was created in order to increase the dissemination of culture and extension activities in the University of São Paulo, besides presenting the connections that these activities develop with teaching and research. The magazine publishes scientific papers related to projects linked to the areas of culture and extension, developed by professors, staff and students from Brazilian and foreign universities.

Showing the connection between the core activities of the University of São Paulo – teaching, research and extension – the magazine hopes that the academic-scientific community can share interests and goals, understanding that the University does not act in a complete way without a strong relation with society, that is, without its extension practice.

All submissions must be made in Portuguese and must be original and unpublished, which means they must not have been previously published or submitted simultaneously to another magazine. The publication of the work will depend on compliance with the Revista Cultura e Extensão USP regulation and the Comissão Editorial decision, after consideration by experts in the field.


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Revista de Cultura e Extensão USP
  • Diana Helena de Benedetto Pozzi