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Close Action Approach

Close Action Approach


The Close Action Approach Program, created by the Office of the Provost for Culture and Extension in 1998, provides a space for dialogue between USP’s actions and projects and community social demands, inventorying, articulating and supporting training and social inclusion activities through actions within the various areas of knowledge, targeting children and adolescents. The Program is anchored in the Human Rights and the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA).

The Program’s activities aim to disseminate a culture of respect for diversity and the rights of children and adolescents on USP’s campi; perform diagnosis of social demands and actions taken at the University that meet them; promote educational actions that stimulate the social development of communities surrounding USP’s campi and systematize the experiences accumulated by the University in the area of social education, serving as a reference to the community, to other universities that experience similar issues and to society in general.

The Close Action Approach Network brings together several institutions that operate in the social scenario and thus creates a dialogue between the University and the external community. The Program’s job as a promoter of this Network is to ensure the legitimacy of this space and enable the meeting and communication between the different areas of activity contemplated by the partners. Thus, institutions, teaching units, students, teachers, members of civil society gather in the Network, also open for agents and entities interested in discussing and proposing social intervention actions.

Aproximação - Projeto Girassol

Close Action Approach Program – Projeto Girassol (Project Sunflower)

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Close Action Approach
  • Coordenadora Ana Estela Haddad
  • Rua do Anfiteatro, 181 | Colmeia | Favo 15 sala 3
  • São Paulo - SP
  • CEP: 05508-060
  • tel.: (11) 3091-9182
  • prceu.usp.br/aproximacao