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The Pro-rectory of Culture and University Extension (PRCEU) is the body that develops the cultural and extension policies of the University of São Paulo, functioning as an open dialogue channel between USP and society.

In a public university, this role is of great importance because it represents precisely the link between the institution and the society that maintains it. While it is essential that the university spreads knowledge and provides services to the community, it is equally important to create bridges in which society can share knowledge and is also allowed to make itself and its demands heard by the university.

PRCEU has a wide range of activities, such as managing courses, promoting academic initiatives in culture and extension, and supporting the actions of the university community with society.

The lines of action are varied: part of the actions take place in the scope of several cultural centers, in different locations, and that develop activities with a focus on the performing arts, cinema, music, plastic arts, cultural and patrimonial preservation, literature, and scientific diffusion.

Other actions are developed in the scope of PRCEU institutional programs that have a focus on extension and direct relationship with the internal and external community of USP. PRCEU’s team develops programs with the following underlying themes: inclusion, accessibility, diversity, entrepreneurship, solidarity economy, career choice, admission to USP, talent spotting, senior citizens, relationship with the community and with minors in vulnerable situations, teacher training, and the opening and presentation of USP’s campuses to the public.

Finally, PRCEU also manages the extension courses offered to the community in several modalities, from the shortest courses of diffusion to multiprofessional residences and specializations.

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Translated by: Lara Yoshime Shizuko Fukushima