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The Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária currently has a series of publications aimed at broadening the diffusion of knowledge produced by the University of São Paulo and, particularly, its culture and university extension actions.

Caminhos da Cultura: a guide that brings highlights of the cultural and scientific programming of the University of São Paulo. Initially produced in a printed folder format, it is currently in two electronic formats:

Catálogos Aprender com Cultura e Extensão (Learning with Culture and Extension Catalogues): in all its editions, the Program has published the project catalog for each edition every year and, since last year, the Cadernos Aprender com Cultura e Extensão, which presents the results of the culture and extension projects. Both publications are available on the Program’s website.

Catálogos do Programa Nascente (Nascente Program Catalogues): an annual publication of the Program, which divulges the finalist works, honorable mentions, and winners of the edition of the art contest at USP. As of 2015, the catalogs are no longer printed on paper, adopting a multimedia format and starting to incorporate the electronic collection of the Program’s website.

Catálogos USP e as Profissões (USP and Professions Catalogs): an annual publication that provides information about USP’s careers and courses, job market, and infrastructure made available by Teaching Units. The catalog is currently electronic and available for consultation on the Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária website.

Cursos de Extensão e Atividades de Formação Profissional (Extension Courses and Professional Training Activities): a biannual publication that aims to divulge the following modalities courses: improvement, diffusion, updating, specialization, and the activities of professionalizing practice, residency, and updating programs.

Revista Cultura e Extensão USP (Culture and Extension USP Magazine): a biannual publication that aims to open space for teachers and coordinators of extension projects to discuss their work in a language accessible to the general public. Its printed version is distributed free of charge to public and private educational institutions, libraries, and cultural diffusion centers.

Universidade Aberta à Terceira Idade (Open University for the Third Age): a biannual publication of the Program which aims to divulge the regular courses and complementary physical, sportive, and didactic-cultural activities offered free of charge to the third age.

The Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária also has other publications originating from its Departments and Programs.

Translated by: Lara Yoshime Shizuko Fukushima