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Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos
Culture and Extension Center

Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos

Triply protected as an architectural complex, the archaeological site and cultural heritage contain the ruins of a sugar mill built in 1534. Representing the ethno-cultural connection of Amerindian/European/African descent, it is a material testimony to the beginning of Portuguese occupation in the American territory and the contact of the colonizer with enslaved indigenous and African peoples.


  • Maintenance/preservation of the archaeological remains;
  • Proposing preservation actions for memory and conservation of heritage, with a program of educational and sociocultural actions.


  • Democratization of public access to the ruins;
  • Preservation of memory;
  • Promotion of social and cultural diversity, stimulating greater representativeness and diversity of perspectives;
  • Networking.


  • Recognition of the Ruins of the Sugar Mill as a center of reference in research and extension, in the field of preservation of memory and conservation of cultural, historical-architectural, intangible, and natural heritage.
  • Consolidation of the archaeological site as a National Monument and Site of Memory and Consciousness about issues such as colonization, structural racism, and preservation of the culture of indigenous peoples.

Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos
  • Diretor Yuri Tavares Rocha
  • Vice-Diretora Olga Maurício Mendonça
  • Ruínas Engenho São Jorge dos Erasmos
  • R. Alan Ciber Pinto, 96 | Vila São Jorge
  • Santos - SP
  • CEP: 11085-625
  • tel.: (13) 3203-3901
  • ruinasengenho@usp.br
  • http://www.engenho.prceu.usp.br/