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Nascente USP

Nascente USP

The texts of the Comissões Julgadoras da 21ª Programa Nascente situate this issue’s significant increase of entries, a result of the will of PRCEU to support this program, in a moment when new and important initiatives are happening at the University. The texts also highlight the happy realization of the restless attitude of these artists, which reflects a contemporary urgency and the sensitive space assigned to art in our University.

The Programa Nascente rewards undergraduate and postgraduate students in seven areas: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Audiovisual, Design, Classical Music, Popular Music, and Text.

By keeping up with the program Nascente since 1991, with full support from the Pró-Reitores de Cultura e Extensão Universitária in every edition, the University reaffirms the importance of art in the formation of its students. The involvement of different cultural actors, such as art departments and the PRCEU units and bodies, generates fluency and shows that there is full support from all the different levels of management.

The Circuito Nascente takes the winners and those who received honorable mention to all of USP’s campuses in the countryside and the capital, aside from the campus in Butantã, with the important partnership of these units’ cultural agents.

I want to thank the generosity of CEUMA – Centro Universitário Maria Antônia, the Departamento de Música da ECA, the Casa de Cultura Dona Yayá – CPC, the TUSP – Teatro da Universidade de São Paulo and the Restaurante Central da Cidade Universitária, which hosted the Mostra e Visualidade Nascente this year.

I also want to thank the teachers of USP units and the artists and experts who brought along society’s perspective and formed a strict examining board for all seven areas. Thank you to the students of this University, which are the center of this program and offer their works of art with sensibility, concern, and discipline. With this, we are expanding the presence of art in the formation of our students. We are also offering artworks to society that instigate and contribute to their training, all for free.

And finally, a special thanks to Nascente‘s staff, the Pró-Reitoria’s employees, and their interns, who work intensely to execute Nascente and all artistic events, even when they are not artistic producers.

It is time to consolidate the achievement of greater visibility to the program and not stop coming up with improvements, such as the desire to bring post-graduation students to learn about and analyze the works participating in Nascente, turning this artistic material into a source of knowledge generating reflection.

Another year conquered. On to the next ones.  Eduardo Tessari Coutinho, Spring 2013.

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21ª Edição do Programa Nascente

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Translated by: Lara Yoshime Shizuko Fukushima

Nascente USP