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Coral Universidade de São Paulo (CORALUSP)
Culture and Extension Center

Coral Universidade de São Paulo (CORALUSP)

The choir is an artistic expression that reflects the musical importance of the institution. Through CORALUSP, the University promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences among singers and choir conductors and society, enriching the artistic formation of the involved choristers and benefiting the society to whom all actions are aimed.


  • To produce, with excellence, choral music through the effective articulation between its artistic body, technical team, and choristers.
  • To offer society the opportunity for musical development through participation in collective activities guided by qualified professionals.
  • To cultivate a sense of community and belonging among its members in an inclusive environment.
  • To establish itself as a disseminator of culture through performances for diverse audiences, contributing to the formation of the public and celebrating the cultural diversity embraced by the University.


To position itself as a reference institution in the Brazilian musical scene, in constant dialogue with the academic community and the public, representing the excellence standards of the University of São Paulo.


CORALUSP celebrates diversity as a non-negotiable value, and a plural vision of choral music, promoting integration between the old and the new, within an environment that cultivates continuous learning.


Coral Universidade de São Paulo (CORALUSP)
  • Diretora Márcia Hentschel
  • Vice-Diretora Elisabeth Amin
  • Coral Universidade de São Paulo
  • Rua do Anfiteatro 109 | Cidade Universitária
  • São Paulo - SP
  • CEP: 05508-050
  • tel.: (11) 3091-3930
  • coralusp@usp.br
  • http://www.coralusp.prceu.usp.br/