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Culture and Extension Center


The Cinema da USP “Paulo Emílio” (CINUSP) is a PRCEU organ, a movie theater that arranges film screenings, debates, premieres and other activities oriented towards both the academic community and society.

The CINUSP film festivals are free of charge and are exhibited at the University City’s movie theater, in the “honeycomb 04” of the “hives” and in the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia. The curatorship is performed by a team of teachers and students from the University and also in partnership with major festivals and other cultural institutions.

To access CINUSP, click here.

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CINUSP is a space of research and education, where the research for the achievement of the exhibitions go beyond the walls of the University, whether because of the supply of the material available in the brochures for promotion of its programming, or the books edited like the CINUSP Collection. The program and information about the shows, debates and interviews with directors, led by CINUSP team, can be found on our website (www.usp.br/cinusp) or facebook page (fb.com/cinusp/), thus becoming sources for future research.

In its exhibition room in University City, the CINUSP holds regular sessions from Monday to Friday at 4pm and 7pm. The room located in Centro Universitário Maria Antonia is open to the public on Fridays at 6pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays at 6pm and 8pm. Seminars, courses, festivals and events related to cinema and audiovisual activities also take place in CINUSP.

  • Diretor Eduardo Victorio Morettin
  • Vice-Diretor Henri Pierre Arraes de Alencar Gervaiseau
  • Cidade Universitária
  • R. do Anfiteatro, 181, Colmeia, favo 4
  • São Paulo - SP
  • CEP: 05508-900
  • tel.: (11) 3091-3540
  • cinusp@usp.br
  • http://www.usp.br/cinusp