The Programa Aprender com Cultura e Extensão is mainly aimed at promoting projects in the field of culture and extension involving research activities developed by undergraduate students at the University of São Paulo. This experience seeks to deepen the relationship between the student body and society. Thus, it is configured as an important catalyst for activities inside and outside the University of São Paulo, offering the opportunity for dialogue between education, research and culture and extension.

It’s important to reinforce that the Aprender integrates the Política de Apoio à Permanência and Formação Estudantil of the University of São Paulo.

Since the Aprender com Cultura e Extensão has been prominet for its increasing number of applications, its perspectives in the short and medium terms are:

  • to continue its qualification process;
  • to increase the number of reviewers for the submitted projects;
  • to increase the Comissões de Cultura e Extensão participation as well as the student representation in all of the projects approval stages;
  • to promote the participation of projects related to culture and extension activities in a national level at the Simpósio Aprender com Cultura e Extensão;
  • to publish Cadernos Aprender com Cultura e Extensão with texts of coordinators that present the theme of experiences with completed projects;
  • to internationalize the program through cooperation agreements with foreign institutions to exchange cultural experiences in a broader sense, enriching the training of future professionals.

Every year, they launch the Catálogos de Projetos of the current edition and the Cadernos, with the Relatórios Finais da Edição Anterior (Previous Edition Final Reports).

Por Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária

Aprender com Cultura e Extensão
  • Coordenador José Nicolau Gregorin Filho