The Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária (PRCEU) now has a serie of publications that aims to expand the dissemination of knowledge produced by the University of São Paulo, and particularly their culture and university extension actions.

Caminhos da Cultura e da Ciência: A monthly guide that provides highlights of the cultural program of the University of São Paulo. The brochure is distributed for free in Teaching Units of USP, public libraries and cultural venues and a full version permanently updated is on the website of the PRCEU.

Catálogos Aprender com Cultura e Extensão: since its first edition, the program annually publishes the catalog of projects of each issue and since last year, the Cadernos Aprender com Cultura e Extensão, which presents the results of culture and extension projects. Both publications are available on the Program website.

Catálogos do Programa Nascente: annual publication of the program, which promotes the finalists, honorable mentions and winners of the USP artistic contest.

Catálogos USP e as Profissões: an annual publication that disseminates information about careers and courses at USP, the labor market and available infrastructure for the Teaching Units. The catalog is available for consultation on the website of the PRCEU and is also distributed in public schools.

Cursos de Extensão e Atividades de Formação Profissional: biannual publication which aims to disseminate the courses of the following ways: improvement, diffusion, updating, specialization and the activities of professional practice, residency and updating programs.

Revista Cultura e Extensão USP: biannual publication that aims to make way for teachers and coordinators of extension projects talks about their work in accessible language to the general public. Its printed version is free distributed to public and private educational institutions, libraries and centers of cultural difusion.

Universidade Aberta à Terceira Idade: biannual publication of the Program that aims to disseminate the regular subjects and sportive activities and educational-cultural complementary activities offered free to seniors.

The PRCEU also has other publications originated from their organs and programs.