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Social Name

  • The social name is defined as the adoption / adequacy of the subject’s sense of identification  alog with the name that represents them, avoiding unnecessary exposure of the individual, the embarrassment of being treated in a way that does not fit with your human, psychological, moral, intellectual and emotional condition. It aims at social and individual recognition according to Art. 16 of the Brazilian Civil Code, everyone has the right to a name, including the first name and surname.
  • Some entities have already regulated the use of the social name, regardless of the judicial authorization to change the name in the civil documents of public agency employees, such as the Federal Public Administration, regulated by Decree No. 8,727 of April 28, 2016, which “provides on the use of the social name and the recognition of the gender identity of transvestite or transsexual people within the scope of direct federal public administration”.
  •   However, in order to redo civil documents and use them in all spheres of citizenship, it is still necessary to file a lawsuit.

Request for Social Name at the University of São Paulo

The University of São Paulo follows Art. 2 of Decree 55.588 of March 17, 2010, which disposes about the nominal treatment of transsexuals and transvestites people in public organs in the state of São Paulo.

  • Undergraduate Students:

You can request the change:

  • USP / BUSP card;
  • School Records;
  • Diploma.

To request, just attend the graduation session of your unit and fill out the USP Pro-Rectory Graduation Form, referent to the Social Name, being necessary to bring a document with photo for identification, the delivery time varies according to each unit. USP Pro-Rectory Graduation Guide.

  • Postgraduate students:

Just go to your unit’s postgraduate service with your social ID and a copy and request a change in the USP system, attendance list, diploma, school records and USP card.

  • Staff and professors:

Attend the “staff session” at the Human Resources Department (DRH) of your Campus USP, carrying an original document with photo fill out the form describing in the “name” item the change to social name. The change will be made in the USP registration system and a new identification card will be issued (there is no description if the issuance fee will be charged or not), with an estimated term of 2 to 3 weeks.


  • Ribeirão Preto

Address: Bandeirantes Avenue, 3.900 – Monte Alegre, CEP: 14040-900 – Ribeirão Preto / SP

Phones: (16) 3315-0645 / (16) 3315-9244 / (16) 3315-9249.

Email: rhribeiraopreto@usp.br

  • São Paulo

Address: Praça do Relógio Street, 109, Bloco L, 1 ° Floor, room 109, Cidade Universitária, CEP: 05508-050 – São Paulo / SP.

Email: drh@usp.br



Social ID (RG) Application

The request for Social ID can be made through different organs, through the Poupatempo of your city and NGOs duly registered in the public system.

  • Poupatempo:

Go to the Poupatempo unit closest to your residence with the documents described below:

  • Psychological report (issued by a professional in the field);
  • Psychiatric report (issued by a professional in the field);
  • The person must not be in active debt (financial pending in SERASA, SPC or others) and have no criminal record;
  • Present original and copy of personal documents (RG, CPF, voter title) and certificates (marriage or birth);
  • Letters handwritten by people who recognize you by the name you want, preferably family and photos in different spaces and with other people, who show claimed gender identity;
  • Judicial authorization.


The aforementioned documents can also be sent to NGOs, duly registered who carry out the entire bureaucratic process, contributing to the process of entry and withdrawal of the social ID.

  • Ribeirão Preto County: NGO ASGATTAS (Association of Transsexuals, Transvestites and Transgenders – LGBT), located at Tajaçu street, number: 1.498, house 02, neighborhood: Ipiranga, CEP: 14.060-540. Telephone: (16) 3622-1592. Email: asgattas.ongrp@hotmail.com, provides all necessary support and performs documentary referral.


Request for inclusion of the Social Name in the CPF

For inclusion of the social name in the CPF, just fill in the form of the link below and take it to a Federal Revenue Service, with an original identity document with a photo.



Request for inclusion in the birth or marriage certificate

  Attend the registry office carrying the RG, CPF and birth or marriage certificate (originals), fill out a form and sign an exclusive declaration from the registry and await analysis. After approval, the official document is issued in up to five business days with a change of first name and sex.