The goals of the Teatro da Universidade de São Paulo (TUSP) are to disseminate the performing arts in its various manifestations and forms of expression, to stimulate discussion and reflection about brazilian theater, to encourage the development of university theater groups – especially in USP campuses – and to provide, through theater, the integration between the community inside and outside the University, in its own projects and in partnership with other units.

Since 1996, TUSP is located at a historic building in the street Maria Antonia, in downtown São Paulo. It offers a rich program of theater performances, meetings, lectures, seminars, exhibitions and festivals, defined by invitations, occupation notices, curatorships and its own schedules. In order to provide visibility to the research and theatrical production in the university’s context, this program seeks to contemplate projects that just came out of training schools as well as established companies.

TUSP also seeks to encourage cultural production beyond its headquarters, in the state’s countryside, working in various campuses of USP. The actions held in the countryside are potentialized by the presence of cultural agents, building new spaces for dialogue among different audiences, communities and artistic languages on the campuses.

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Teatro da Usp

The standouts in TUSP‘s regular schedule are the Mostra Experimentos, that is held annually and aims at providing space for drama school productions; the Circuito TUSP, which promotes theatrical performances, integrating capital and countryside campuses; and the Programa TUSP de Leituras Públicas, which has an educational nature and anables the contact with dramaturgical text. In addition, it carries out – both in the capital and in the countryside – art assemblies entitled a(P)artes da Vez, where university artistic groups manifest themselves through aesthetic interventions. From these meetings comes the Jornada TUSP de Teatro Universitário, which offers a reflection space for college theater companies from all across the state.

In 2013, TUSP held the I Bienal Internacional de Teatro da Universidade de São Paulo, with the theme Realidades Incendiárias. Besides the shows and performances, the festival brought debates, workshops and conferences with guests and national and international groups. The second edition of this event is planned for 2015, and it is already a part of USP’s cultural calendar.

As part of its measures, TUSP also publishes a magazine called aParte XXI, dedicated to the performing arts and to the contemporary artistic and cultural production, as well as other publications related to these topics.

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Teatro da USP (TUSP)
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  • Vice-Diretora Maria Helena Franco de Araújo Bastos
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