Created in 1990 by the Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão, the Programa Nascente was designed to encourage artistic creation, stimulate reflection on art and culture and bring the university community closer together.

It is an initiative destined to reveal new artistic talents through a competition open to USP undergraduate and postgraduate students, including students from the Escola de Arte Dramática of the Escola de Comunicações e Artes.

Each year the Programa Nascente awards actors, poets, musicians, photographers, painters, directors, interpreters, writers, composers, designers, sculptors, film-makers, among others, all of which belong to the wide range of young people who move around the various University institutes and colleges on a daily basis.

Access the website Programa Nascente and see its schedule.

20º Programa Nascente - Momento(s)20º Programa Nascente – Momento(s)

In 2003, the Comissão Acadêmica was established to improve the guidelines that guide the project, in addition to monitoring its implementation. Since then, the awarded areas are: performing arts, visual arts, audiovisual, design, classical music, popular music and text.

In this way, the Programa Nascente fosters in each of the young people at the University of São Paulo the urge to express all their talent within an environment that pulsates with art and culture.


Por Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária

  • Coordenador Luiz Claudio Mubarac