Talking about the Human Rights, the Programa USP Aproxima-Ação aims to become a privileged space for dialogue between actions and projects of the University of São Paulo (USP), on campus Butantã, and community social demands, indentifying, articulating and supporting the training activities and social inclusion through actions within the various areas of knowledge.

The activities are aimed at:

  • to disseminate a culture of respect for diversity and recognized rights of children and adolescents on the campuses of USP.
  • to perform a diagnosis of social demands and the actions carried out at the University.
  • to promote educational activities that encourage social development of the neighboring communities to the campuses of USP.
  • to use methods of community education and in an open environment, searching for create links and approach between the children and adolescents, their families and the institutions that serve them, through socio-educational monitoring.
  • To systematize the experiences accumulated by the University in the field of social education, that assist in the training and strengthening of Redes de Proteção Integral and spread them on the campuses of USP, as well as providing the knowledge generated to other universities to experience similar issues.
  • to provide facilitators means for conducting research on issues related to their field.
  • to contribute to educate and train servers and students of this university in the area covered by the program, its methodologies and experiences.

Aproximação - Projeto Girassol

Por Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária

  • Coordenadora Ana Estela Haddad