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Unlikely Dialogues debate Brazil’s challenges in cultural event at USP

Unlikely Dialogues debate Brazil’s challenges in cultural event at USP

Comunicação - PRCEU - 09/08/2021

3 x 22: unlikely dialogues, with critical analysis, celebrates the bicentennial of Brazil’s independence and the centennial of the Modern Art Week, celebrated in 2022

A week marked by debates is the motto of the free online event 3 x 22: unlikely dialogues, organized by the cultural organs of the Pró-Reitoria of Culture and Extension of USP. Between September 13th and 17th, roundtables and artistic-cultural activities will approach various aspects of “time telling”, aiming to reflect on the Independence bicentennial and the centennial of the Modern Art Week, celebrated in 2022.

People from different professional backgrounds will examine the Unlikely Dialogues themes, which aims to stimulate thinking on how and what to celebrate in the 200 years of Brazil’s Independence.

Professor Alexandre Macchione Saes, event coordinator, says that the seminar stimulates critical reflection differently, valuing plurality: “In the context of crisis in which Brazilian society finds itself, we have gathered professionals from various backgrounds to establish ‘unlikely dialogues’ debating challenges that go across the past, present, and future of the country”.

The week begins with the panel Other Times, bringing as guests the biologist and forest engineer Nurit Bensusan, the former deputy director of the Museum of Contemporary Art at USP, Martin Grossmann, and professor and writer Marília Librandi Rocha.

Next, on Tuesday, September 14th, professor Rodrigo Turim, economist, public manager and former minister Tereza Campello, and cultural manager Bel Mayer will debate Memory is a sail or an anchor?, an interrogation of writer and journalist Eric Nepomuceno.

On September 15th, professor, curator, and art critic Agnaldo Farias, professor, writer and literary critic Noemi Jaffe, and historian Luiz Felipe Alencastro discuss the theme “Invention of traditions”. On Thursday 16th, it’s time for the panel Dare to reinvent the future, with the historian and indigenous Marcia Mura, professor Marcos Buckeridge, and professor Alexander Turra.

The closure, on Friday the 17th, will be held by physicist and former Unicamp dean Marcelo Knobel, journalist Bianca Santana, and professor Sérgio Bairon, who will address the topic Time and space, navigating all senses.

To debate “3 X 22” in multiple dimensions, USP’s cultural organs will hold a set of activities throughout September 2021. For professor Saes, this interconnected character enriches the event. “The meeting of several of USP’s cultural organs promotes an even more interesting result in terms of art and content”, he evaluates.

On the 13th, the University of São Paulo Choir (Coralusp) will perform; on the 15th, the USP Symphony Orchestra (Osusp) and Luciana Sayure (piano solo) will perform Villa-Lobos; on the 16th, there will be the scenic experiment “In thy name”, based on Dostoyevsky’s “Legend of the Grand Inquisitor” and to conclude, Osusp orchestra will perform “The Soldier’s Tale”, by Igor Stravinsky, narrated by the musician Arrigo Barnabé.

Check the schedule here and access the event’s website at cultura.usp.br/3×22.

Unlikely Dialogues debate Brazil’s challenges in cultural event at USP
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