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Special Concert by the USP Orchestra Highlights Civilizations and Urbanism

Special Concert by the USP Orchestra Highlights Civilizations and Urbanism

Comunicação - PRCEU - 11/24/2023

Professors Raquel Rolnik and Eduardo Góes Neves are the guests of the event that intertwines music and knowledge


By Elcio Silva – Image – Divulgação Osusp
11/24/2023 – 5:59 PM


The São Paulo State University Symphony Orchestra (Osusp) will hold another presentation on Saturday, December 2nd, at 4 p.m., at the Camargo Guarnieri Cultural Center, as part of the Clock Tower Concerts Series with the theme “Civilizations and Urbanism.” Admission is free, and tickets can be obtained in advance online through the appticket platform at this link.

The audience will have the opportunity to witness performances of the works Flor de Tremembé, by Camargo Guarnieri, Sensemayá, by Silvestre Revueltas, Sinfonietta, by Astor Piazzolla, and La création du monde, Op. 81a, by Darius Milhaud. The conductor is the maestro and director of Osusp, Gil Jardim.

The choice of works aligns with the theme and the specificity of this Cycle, which aims to combine music with quality information, enhancing the audience’s experience.

Civilizations and Urbanism

The Clock Tower Concerts Series combines small lectures by renowned experts with high-quality musical performances, bringing together knowledge and art in debates that follow various formats.

With the theme “Civilizations and Urbanism,” the guests for December 2nd are professors Eduardo Góes Neves, director of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE), and Raquel Rolnik, campus mayor and faculty member at the School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU). The lectures were recorded and will be shown during the event. The presentation is by Professor Marli Quadros Leite, pro-rector for culture and university extension at USP.

One of the leading researchers active in the Amazon, Neves, will discuss ancient civilizations from this perspective.

Eduardo Góes Neves Arquivo Pessoal

Eduardo Góes Neves is the director and lecturer at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE). Photo – Personal archive.

“As an archaeologist, working for many years in the Amazon region of Brazil and neighboring countries, I will talk a little about how the indigenous peoples who have inhabited the region for thousands of years developed peculiar forms of urbanism related to landscape production, subtle evidence of the exercised transformation, in such a way that the Amazon we know today is the result of these transformations,” he explains.

The professor emphasizes that “we cannot separate the natural dimension from the millennial indigenous human presence in this region” and concludes by saying, “I hope that this speech can bring important information on how to think about alternative forms of urbanism in the future.”

Raquel Rolnik Arquivo Pessoal

Raquel Rolnik is the campus mayor of USP in the capital and a professor at the School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU). Photo – Personal archive.

The architect and urban planner Raquel Rolnik, actively engaged in the discussion of urban planning in São Paulo and the country, brings questions about the organization of contemporary urban life to the debate: “We will talk about the perspectives of the urbanization process that is clearly in crisis, not only the climate crisis but also the crisis of representation and political management.”

Urbanization is a topic that affects the population in various ways, and therefore, Rolnik brings the discussion to a broad aspect. “We think about bringing up issues that shake historical convictions about the city model we have. Rethinking relationships with nature but also the model of inequality and financial hegemony over all spheres of being in the field of city production and management,” she emphasizes.


The presentation of the São Paulo State University Symphony Orchestra through the Clock Tower Concerts Series with the theme “Civilizations and Urbanism” is free of charge. To discuss the theme, the guests are professors Raquel Rolnik, from the School of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU), and Eduardo Góes Neves, from the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (MAE). Osusp suggests that the audience donate non-perishable food items that will be given to communities in Butantã.

Tickets can be obtained in advance on the appticket platform at the link: https://appticket.com.br/concerto-osusp-torre-do-relogio-civilizacoes-e-urbanismo

Concerto Osusp - Civilizações e Urbanismo
    • Centro Cultural Camargo Guarnieri
    • Rua do Anfiteatro, 109 - Butantã
    • São Paulo - SP
    • Saturday
    • Das 16:00 às 18:00
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