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From dinosaurs to technological innovation, USP Orchestra reinvents itself in free concert

From dinosaurs to technological innovation, USP Orchestra reinvents itself in free concert

Comunicação - PRCEU - 06/14/2023

The presentation features life-size Brazilian dinosaur skulls, virtual reality glasses, micro drones and projections. The concert is sewn from dialog with experts in paleontology and technological innovation

By Elcio Silva
06/14/2023 – 06:23pm


The Orquestra Sinfônica da USP (Osusp) reinvents itself with the presentation of the next June 24th, Saturday, at 4 pm, at the Camargo Guarnieri Amphitheater, by the Concertos da Torre do Relógio cycle. The performance escapes from a conventional concert and brings experts in paleontology and technological innovation for explanations that will be guides for the chosen works. Free tickets can be purchased in advance online on the appticket platform. The Osusp suggests to the public the donation of non-perishable food and warm clothes that will be donated to communities in Butantã and indigenous villages.

The show will feature the participation, illustrated by image projections, of the paleontologist and professor of the Instituto de Geociências – IGc (Institute of geosciences) of USP, Luiz Eduardo Anelli, specialist in Brazilian dinosaurs. Later, it will be the turn of the professor of the Escola Politécnica (Poli) of USP, Marcelo Zuffo, current coordinator of the USP Centro de Inovação (InovaUSP) and leader of the Centro Interdisciplinar de Tecnologias Interativas (CITI), developer of solutions for smart cities and internet of things.

Check out the interview of the presenter Elcio Silva with the director of Osusp, maestro Gil Jardim and with professors Marcelo Zuffo, from the Escola Politécnica, and Luiz Eduardo Anelli, from the Instituto of Geociências in the program “Cultura na USP” broadcast by Rádio USP in Brazil. 06/22/2023


The experience for the public already begins in the entrance hall of the Camargo Guarnieri Amphitheater, where two large Brazilian dinosaurs will be exhibited with skulls of the theropods Carcharodontosaurus and Oxalaia, the largest carnivores that lived in the country. With the collaboration of micro drones with embedded artificial intelligence (AI), which scan dinosaurs, it will also be possible to use virtual reality glasses to have the feeling of seeing dinos up close in the same environment.

Concerto Osusp Homenagem Aos Povos Originários

Maestro Gil Jardim will conduct the concert. Photo: Cecília Bastos/USP Images

Stitched together by experts, the show moves between the evolution of planet Earth and technological innovation. Conducted by maestro Gil Jardim, Osusp opens with the fourth movement of Antonín Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9, known as the “Sinfonia Novo Mundo”, evoking the grandeur and diversity of the natural landscapes of the American continent

For conductor Gil Jardim, director of Osusp and conductor of this concert, the collaboration of experts enhances the event “bringing high-level academic knowledge to the musical experience”.

Iniciando pelo tema dos dinossauros com a explanação de Anelli, os fãs de cinema poderão desfrutar dos emocionantes destaques da trilha sonora do filme Jurassic Park”. Na sequência, a famosa introdução de “Also sprach Zarathustra!” (Assim falou Zaratustra), de Richard Strauss, que se tornou emblemática com sua associação ao filme “2001: Uma Odisséia no Espaço”, cria uma atmosfera de exploração e descoberta para a fala sobre inovação tecnológica de Zuffo.

Concerto Osusp Homenagem Aos Povos Originários

Audience at the concert held on April 29, 2023 in honor of the native peoples. Photo: Cecília Bastos/USP Images

The conductor also highlights the relevance of the participations. “By making interventions in the show, even if agile, on topics such as evolution on planet Earth and technological innovation, the cycle provides an intellectual immersion that transcends the simple appreciation of music, broadening horizons and awakening new connections between different areas of knowledge.”

Closing the presentation, the work “Fibers, Yarn and Wire”, by the Brazilian composer Alexandre Lunsqui, will be performed, bringing a contemporary and innovative approach to symphonic music. It is a challenging piece for both musicians and listeners.

The composer explores a variety of timbres and rhythms based on the workings of a loom, expanding the sonic possibilities of the orchestral instruments. Through this composition, Lunsqui, who is also a professor of composition and theory at Unesp, demonstrates his ability to overcome the boundaries of traditional music in a renewed listening experience of musical discourse.

The public will also be able to count on a stand of Editora da USP (Edusp) that will bring books on Brazilian dinosaurs authored by Anelli.


The Ciclo de Concertos da Torre do Relógio, one of the series developed by Osusp this year 2023, combines lectures by renowned experts with high quality musical performances, uniting knowledge and art. The mediation is by Professor Marli Quadros Leite at USP.

The interaction between different fields seeks to expand the boundaries of the musical experience, providing the audience with a deeper and more contextualized understanding of the works performed.


From Dinasaurs to technological innovation 
Osusp combines art and knowledge in concert at USP


When | 24th on June (sábado), 04:00pm
Concertos da Torre do Relógio
Gil Jardim, conductor
Presentations by Luiz Eduardo Anelli e Marcelo Zuffo
Mediation: Marli Quadros Leite

Tickets | https://appticket.com.br/concerto-osusp-torre-do-relogio-4
Where| Anfiteatro Camargo Guarnieri
Rua do Anfiteatro, 109 – Butantã, São Paulo
How much | free
Part of the tickets will be distributed on the day of the events. Osusp suggests the public to donate non-perishable food and warm clothes that will be donated to communities in Butantã.
Informations (11) 3091- 3000 | sinfonica@usp.brhttp://www.osusp.prceu.usp.br/

The schedule of upcoming concerts can be followed on the Osusp website or at cultura.usp.br

Translated by: Lara Yoshime Shizuko Fukushima

From dinosaurs to technological innovation, USP Orchestra reinvents itself in free concert
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