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After record attendance, USP promotes online professions fair for the second time

After record attendance, USP promotes online professions fair for the second time

Comunicação - PRCEU - 08/16/2021
09/04/2021 20h

In view of the public that has already returned to activities and face-to-face lessons, being unable to access the content of the Fair, the website uspprofissoes.usp.br will be available up to September 11th.


For the second year, the traditional event takes place in a digital version, completely free, with lives, virtual stands, exclusive videos and information about courses, careers, admission to the University and permanence policies for students

By Elcio Silva
08/16/2021 13h39

One of the largest and most traditional USP events in the area of extension and relationship with society, the USP and Professions Fair, for 20 years, has been marked by an intense participation of young people in search of their professional future. In each edition, the public has contact with teachers and researchers, as well as university students, enabling the prospective students to get to know the courses and careers up close, to ask questions, and to broaden their horizons. Cultural activities, exhibitions of collections, vocational guidance, and information on student access and permanence policies are also offered.

Feira Usp E As Profissoes Capital Parque Cientec
The last editions of the USP and Professions Fair in the capital were held at USP’s Science and Technology Park (CienTec).

In 2020, in view of the covid-19 pandemic, the University was faced with the challenge of preparing an event with the same content, but in digital format. Since it was not in-person, the USP and Professions Fair was held in a single edition, covering all USP campuses. On the occasion, more than 1 million people had access to the first virtual edition of the event, expanding its reach to other states and to several countries in an action to democratize public education and reduce school drop-outs. In comparison with the two face-to-face versions in 2019, one in the capital and the other in the interior of São Paulo, there was an increase of more than 1000% in participation.

With the success achieved and the restrictions still necessary for large in-person events, in 2021 the event will be offered once again in digital format. On September 2nd and 3rd, 2021, all the teaching and research units, museums and institutes will be composing a dynamic and interactive program. There will be lives, chats, exclusive videos and cultural content, always offering the public information and activities prepared by the teams from its 142 courses, in eight campuses, as well as museums and culture agencies.

Participation in the event is completely free and requires no prior registration, just access the website uspprofissoes.usp.br.

To Professor Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira Machado, pro-rector of Culture and University Extension at USP, the digital format proved to be effective to expand the reach of the fair. “We hope to soon receive the public again in person at our spaces, but we will certainly continue offering online content, which reaches those who are more distant, without the barriers of displacement. The huge amount of access in the 2020 edition shows that the demand for this information exists among young people, and our commitment is to increasingly democratize access to the University”, she says.

The pro-rector also highlights the team and teaching units’ work to ensure the quality and dynamism of the Fair. “It is not just a mere website with texts and videos,” she explains. “All the content is being put together specifically for the event, with many hours of live broadcasts, interactions, videos and activities produced exclusively for this edition.

Show Da Fisica Na Feira Usp E As Profissoes
The Physics Show was created more than 25 years ago.

The backstage of marine science: biological curiosities and a scientist’s personal experiences”; DNA extraction workshop”; “The art of preparing medicines: the role of pharmacotechnology and nanotechnology”; “Seminar: Computer Architecture”; “Entrepreneurship and Startup”; “Caves and the Geosciences”; and “The career of the internationalist” are some of the dozens of lectures and workshops that students will be able to access at the USP and Professions Fair.

Cultural activities will also be contemplated. Through chats, the participants will get to know several activities that are offered at the CienTec Park, including the Planetarium, physics toys, and other attractions. There will be several activities with Coralusp, such as the Quarentécnica project that brings vocal techniques prepared by the specialists and lives and videos about the orchestra musician with Osusp, among several other attractions.

Among the most popular attractions in previous editions, the “Physics Show” and the Professional Orientation from USP’s Institute of Psychology (IP) will also be in the digital edition. The first one brings ludic experiments for more than 25 years, in an uncomplicated way for students. Vocational guidance will have its own virtual stand to help young people find their profession.

Service USP and Professions Fair 2021 – Digital Edition
When | September 2nd and 3rd, 2021, 10am to 4pm BRT
Cost | free, no registration required
Address | uspprofissoes.usp.br

Contact for questions and information | uspprofi@usp.br

After record attendance, USP promotes online professions fair for the second time
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    1. Isaque Mendes disse:

      Sou universitário mas tbm quero dar uma olhada pelo menos em alguns estandes e conteúdos para ajudar outras pessoas, que assim como eu no passado, estão em busca de experiências de carreira! Vai ser incrível. 😍☺️

    2. Isis Araujo Cunha disse:

      Quero participar!

    3. Wanessa Amaral dos Santos disse:

      Eu quero muito participar

    4. Wanessa Amaral dos Santos disse:

      Quero muito participar da feira

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