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USP INTEGRAção Magazine

New USP magazine highlights activities aimed at society: cultural activities, programs of relationship with society and extension projects will be the guidelines of the publication

In June 2019, the Office of the Provost for Culture and Extension from USP launched its new magazine: USP INTEGRAção.

The main purpose of the journal is to provide the public with information about what the University of São Paulo develops in the areas of culture and extension and what it offers to society, seeking to highlight the points where this interaction occurs most relevantly. For this, the project was formatted with a light and contemporary graphic concept and a journalistic and colloquial language, differentiating itself from scientific publications.

The magazine is structured in sections such as Reportagem de Capa (Cover), which will bring prominent news; Entrevista (Interview), with those responsible for relevant activities in the area; Reportagem (Reporting), portraying projects and actions; Experiências (Experiences), with first-person reports; Ensaio fotográfico (Photoshoot), bringing images of places that can be visited by the public; Perfil (Profile), with a historical and operational detailing of various organs and programs; and O que é… (What is …) that reveals curiosities and jargon.

For the editorial director of the magazine, Professor Margarida Maria Krohling Kunsch, the product fills a gap: “We expect the magazine to be a means of interlocution of our university with the various actors involved in its final activities, whether they are inside or outside our walls, “says Kunsch, who is also an assistant provost for culture and university extension. “We intend to democratize the experiences promoted and implanted in the cultural and extension area as a way for the University to render an account to the society of the investments they have been receiving as a public and free university,” she points out.


Editorial Director
Profa. Dra. Margarida Maria Krohling Kunsch

Michel Sitnik
Prof. Dr. Adriano Tech
Prof. Dr. Carlos Vicente Serrano Junior
Prof. Dr. José Nicolau Gregorin Filho
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Bönecker
Profa. Dra. Maria Olimpia Rezende
Prof. Dr. Plinio Martins Filho
Elcio Silva
Fabio Rubira
Michel Sitnik

Sandra Lima
Graphic project
Camila Previato
Cecília Christine Handaya – apoio
Electronic publishing
Camila Previato

Dean of Culture and University Extension at USP
Rua da Reitoria, 374, 3rd floor – 05508-220 – São Paulo – SP

ISSN 2675-3138