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Repositório de Educação Integral para a Sexualidade, HIV/aids e Diversidade

Misinformation contributes to the stigma and discrimination that are among the main obstacles to prevention, treatment and care in relation to HIV/AIDS. In response, the repository will consist of a digital platform to gather and disseminate academic production (scientific, artistic and technical) and other content, informed by the latest scientific evidence, on topics related to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, diversity and human rights; enabling online, open and global access for wide and free consultation.

The Repository will also contain didactic-pedagogical materials to be used by teachers of the public and private network of basic education, elementary and secondary education, as a tool in the daily life of the classroom.

To provide wide dissemination, the information contained in the Repository will be available in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and thus will have the potential to be used by the 193 UN member countries, in particular the Caribbean countries and Latin America.

To learn more, contact the program team:

USP Diversity
(11) 3091 3277 | diversidade@usp.br

Seizing the Moment - Tackling entrenched inequalities to end epidemics
Seizing the Moment – Tackling entrenched inequalities to end epidemics
Power to the people
Power to the people
The south american context of diagnostic disclosure of adolescents infected by HIV/AIDS: a systematic literature review
Depression, self-concept, future expectations and hope of people with HIV
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