To improve the dissemination process of the cultural heritage of the University of São Paulo and expand the interactions of different factors in the field of culture and extension was first realized in 2008, the Workshop de Agentes de Cultura e Extensão. It is an innovative vehicle through which has created real conditions for full use and dissemination of culture and extension activities. The university community that acts in the area in all its segments, constitutes a multiplier potential of the shares of the PRCEU. His constant improvement become the cultural and extension actions from point to perennial.

The workshop, which is a biannual event provides spaces for interaction among our main players, gives visibility to the set of actions of Pró-Reitoria and opens the way for the realization of latents projects of culture and extension in the units and organs. In addition, it allows to amplify the knowledge of the work done at USP, an institution that has developed and tested methodologies and extension projects that bring benefits to the Brazilian society, especially those who fight the social inequalities and propose new ways of working of the University as much as the various segments of society.

An active participation, the exchange of experiences and the agents of integration result in important steps to reinforcement of the cultural activities and university extension.

3º Workshop de cultura e extensão - Museu Republicano de Itú - USP

3º Workshop de cultura e extensão – Museu Republicano de Itú – USP

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Workshop de Agentes de Cultura e Extensão
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