The program Aprender com Cultura e Extensão (PACCEx) was established in 2008 and it’s part of the University of São Paulo’s Programa de Apoio à Permanência e Formação Estudantil.

The PACCEx‘s grants were originally destined to the Programa Bolsa Trabalho, a program by the former Coordenadoria de Assistência Social (COSEAS), currently known as Superintendência de Assistência Social (SAS). The Programa Bolsa Trabalho was extinguished and since then new programs associated with the Pró-Reitorias and intended for the University’s undergraduate students were created.

The differential of the Aprender com Cultura e Extensão is that it has brought the actions to the field of university extension. Therefore, as stipulated by the Article 207 of the Federal Constitution, brazilian public universities offer teaching, research and extension to society in an inseparable manner. This fact is reflected in every program of the Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária, therefore, strongly in Aprender.

The compliance with this inseparability promoted the closure of the Programa Bolsa Trabalho, to start the Aprender com Cultura e Extensão with the academy’s own goals, associating research, teaching and extension activities in its projects.

According to its public notice,

  • “The purpose of the program is to foster culture and extension actions through the interaction, in projects, of the research activities by the undergraduate students body, in order to contribute to their training. Therefore, it is proposed that projects of this nature should be supported with topics relating to the challenges faced inside and outside of the university.”

In this way, Aprender enables teachers to advance in their applied research; enables undergraduate students to get in touch with research and extend their social networking with direct implications on their training and, most of all, allows social impact and its direct benefits to the population.

Since its creation it has shown positive results in terms of social impact, such that the Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária, along with the Vice-Rector of the University of São Paulo, managed to expand the offering of grants from 800 (eight hundred) to 1,200 (one thousand and two hundred), according to the current edition, and, in the 2015/2016 public notice, 999 (nine hundred and ninety nine) projects proposed by teachers in several areas of their specialties were enrolled.

4th Aprender com Cultura e Extrensão Symposium - EACH

4º Simpósio Aprender com Cultura e Extensão – EACH

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Aprender com Cultura e Extensão