The Universidade Aberta à Terceira Idade (UATI) started its activities in 1994, in anticipation of the promulgation of the Estatuto do Idoso, whose Chapter V, Article 25 is: “The Government will support the creation of the open university for the elderly (…) “. The main objective of the program is to enable the elderly to deepen knowledge in areas of interest. Given criteria to the UN and UNESCO, it prioritizes the age from 60 years.

From a quantitative point of view, this expansion reflects the presence of USP in the metropolis, where the elderly grows visibly. From the quality point of view, its success has to do with the constancy of the three principles in the program.

In the first principle, force the ideal opening as wide as possible. The elderly are asked the desire to learn. The choice of subjects is free, as well as is free our constellation of interests when we are liberated from the survival routine.

The second refers to the ideal of living of older people with undergraduate students. It is the opposite of discrimination verified in the society: young on one side, old on another side. In this sense, the UATI is refreshing, since the elderly are sharing the same classes with regular students. Experience has shown that young people are enriched, emotional and intellectually, this association with mature and motivated people by the passion of knowledge.

Finally, the third principle is generosity, own value of an institution, that value to maintain its public function.

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