The program USP Diversidade, alongside Núcleo de Direitos da Pró-Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária, has the goal of developing actions that stimulate equality, solidarity and the development and respect to human rights.

We believe that our diversity is a source of innovation that sustains the exchange of experiences, ideas and debates, from which all university members can benefit.

In its first stage, the Program was aimed mostly at aspects of sexual diversity, a topic that demands more immediate actions. Gradually, other segments and groups have been and are being included.

Currently, USP Diversidade coordinates with other projects, programs, activities and groups that already exist in the University, so it can create and strengthen diversity actions and policies that fight against prejudice and discrimination.

In order that our commitment with equality in diversity leads to real changes in personal and institutional development, we significantly invest in courses and training to improve the understanding of diversity related issues.

USP Diversidade develops and supports actions to:

  • Promote human rights;
  • Foster inclusion and equality;
  • Reduce social, sexual, racial-ethnic and gender violence, discrimination, inequality and prejudice;
  • Increase information and discussion on the promotion of diversity;
  • Encourage students to produce and manage solidary collective groups;
  • Contribute to social transformation, well-being and improvement in life quality;
  • Collaborate in the students’ development as citizens;
  • Support University actions on behalf of the socialization of its knowledge for transformation and social development;
  • Support and contribute to diversity public policies.

USP Diversidade has put together several webpages where you can find information about several themes. In these pages you can find scientific and academic papers, news, documentaries, books, videos, interviews, movies, events calendar, and much more.

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 USP Diversidade for an inclusive University”

If you have experienced or witnessed any form of discrimination, harassment , violence or prejudice, report here!

Instructions for students:

Students who believe they have experienced any type of discrimination, harassment, violence or prejudice must access the link HOW TO REPORT to obtain instructions about the procedure.

Instructions for staff:

Staff members who fell subjected to discriminatory behavior, intimidation and harassment must access the link HOW TO REPORT to obtain information about how to press charges formally.

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USP Diversidade
  • Coordenadora Ana Paula Morais Fernandes