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USP Diversity

USP Diversity


The USP Diversity Program, linked to the USP-Community Programs from the Office of the Provost for Culture and Extension (PRCEU), aims to develop actions that stimulate inclusion, equality, solidarity, and both the promotion and strengthening of respect for Human Rights. 

We believe that our diversity is a source of innovation that sustains the exchange of experiences, ideas and debates, from which all university members can benefit.

In its first moment, the Program was more focused on sexual diversity aspects, an area that demanded more immediate actions. Gradually, other segments and groups were, and still are, included.

Currently, USP Diversity is articulated with projects, programs, activities and groups that already exist at the University for the creation and strengthening of diversity actions and policies that fight prejudice and discrimination.

For our commitment to equality in diversity to result in real changes in individual and institutional development, we invest significantly in actions and activities to improve understanding of diversity issues.


USP Diversity develops and supports actions to:

  • Promote the strengthening of human rights;
  • Foster inclusion and equality;
  • Reduce violence, discrimination, inequalities, and social, sexual, ethno-racial, and gender prejudices;
  • Expand the information and discussion on diversity;
  • Stimulate, in the university student, the production and management of collective solidarity projects;
  • Contribute to social transformation, well-being, and improvement in the quality of life;
  • Collaborate in the formation of the university student as a citizen;
  • Corroborate the University’s actions in favor of the socialization of its knowledge for social transformation and development;
  • Support and contribute to diversity public policies.

USP Diversity has prepared several pages where you can find information on various topics. Come find out!


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USP Diversity
  • Coordenadora Ana Paula Morais Fernandes
  • Rua do Anfiteatro, 181, Colmeia, Favo 3 | Cidade Universitária
  • São Paulo - SP
  • CEP: 05508-060
  • tel.: (11) 3091-9185
  • diversidade@usp.br
  • prceu.usp.br/uspdiversidade/